Hi! I’m Ashley!

I am a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC, Canada, who specializes in costuming armour and props. I love creating my favourite characters from my favourite computer games and challenging myself in new ways to art. I started building my first cosplay in the summer of 2013, and after that I got hooked on my new hobby!

I have made costumes from World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch, Kill la Kill and Silent Hill. My cosplays have won multiple rewards based on craftsmanship, on local and international scales. The highlights of my craftsmanship include making detailed thermoplastic armour sets, using LEDs to have parts of my armour and props light up, set up and programmed a motor circuit to make a prop spin in two directions, and made large comfortable wings. I am also really comfortable making up my own designs for cosplay costumes, and I think most of the fun for the craft comes with the problem solving aspect of crafting the outfit.